Our business

Our team having worked in high growth technology companies and successful US technology ventures found parallel to the dejected workers in the 1930s looking for work along the wharves of the Sydney Harbour waterfront known as The Hungry Mile.

We chose to stick together and formed a company to select and invest in a new technology base for enterprise software.

Hungry Mile Software was founded in 2018.  Our office is in this very historic area and now thriving part of the Sydney business district.

Lead Team

Richard Verschoor


Richard manages Hungry Mile Software and provides overall leadership for the high technology team. Richard has a background in financial services consulting and technology management in law firms. In recent roles he has been responsible for the development of patents and incubation of technology in large Australian firms. He has led teams to successful develop new products and support the implementation in firms and companies in the US, EU, UK and Australia. Richard has overseen the development and sale of intellectual property to multiple US software companies.

Richard holds a first class honours degree and university medal in business information technology at the University of New South Wales, Australia.

Luke Fayle

Head of Development

Luke heads up the software engineering team with responsibility for design, architecture and quality for all application development. Luke has hands-on experience in state of the-art technology design and development. He inspires and motivates teams with his broad experience and modern iterative development methods. Luke has experience working in professional services firms and supporting complex software implementations globally. Luke holds a bachelor of science in computer science from the University of Sydney.

Colin Grimmer

Head of Product

Colin is responsible for product development with a background as an independent software consultant in the property, retail and legal industries. He has focus on user interface and modern application design. He applies his enjoyment and appreciation of music, art and architecture to the delivery of first class user experience software. Together with the team Colin, has been successful in building comprehensive document and email product suits that have been successful globally. Colin has a bachelor of science in computer science at the University of Queensland.

Matt Betts

Software Engineer

Matt provides the incredible technical excellence in our company research and development. Not only can he engineer lowest level operating code he can also appreciate the importance of applying this to application software and the technology to business. Matt is a key and valued founding software engineer and enjoys all things complex and cool and a part time DJ! Matt has a bachelor of science degree majoring in software technology from the University of Macquarie.