General Questions and Answers

These items may assist you further with answers to some frequent questions.

Can you develop for all platforms on a single development workstation?

You can develop apps and services for client and server on a Windows, Linux or Mac workstation. X-UX Deploy will provide the platform specific builds. If you do not use our X-UX Deploy service, you will need to setup the X-UX Deploy product on appropriate servers and for IOS, a Mac server will be required.

How does X-UX help different screen sizes?

Our controls are adaptative and aware of screen size across devices. Controls such as the X-UX Navigation provide support for making user interface panels work well on a mobile and desktop. For example, on a desktop, panels can be setup to show side by side, whilst on a mobile these will be automatically be setup with selection and swipe gestures.

Can I use X-UX Deploy for my existing Qt apps?

Yes you can. We suggest to consider a breakdown of apps into components if you haven’t already to provide change distribution. The version check feature for automatic updates requires you rebuild your app.

What value does X-UX provide beyond Qt?

Qt provides a generalised client development platform often used to develop solutions such as desktop utility software, embedded devices, and gaming. X-UX provides additional products and tools to make development of business and information solutions effective. For example, additional styling and components are provided for applications that use business files and documents.

Qt does not provide a services framework. X-UX includes a service runtime and features such as our data fabric technology and transaction capabilities for developing functions and data located outside the client application.

Whilst Qt provides tool support for all platforms, being able to universally integrate, deploy and administer applications across platforms is a significant undertaking and made possible with the X-UX product and services.

Do you have to use X-UX on the client and server?

The X-UX client framework can be used without X-UX on the server. The client can consume REST services and made more effective with our Data Fabric. Likewise, X-UX can be used to provide services without use of the client framework. Distribution licenses only apply as needed.

License Questions and Answers

Do I own the code I write?

Hungry Mile Software owns the IP of X-UX. Your business owns all of the code you write.

Can I get the source code for X-UX?

X-UX source code is not available. Please get in contact for any special needs you may have.

Is X-UX available as open source?

Some of the X-UX code is patented and protected due to high commercial. X-UX is not available as open source. A commercial license applies.

What happens when I stop paying the subscription?

You are not entitled to use or distribute HMS code. You have the option to purchase a perpetual license for the selected number of client, server or temporary deployments.

What happens if Hungry Mile Software no longer accepts subscriptions or supports the code?

If HMS no longer provides a subscription service, you will be entitled to purchase a perpetual license.

What licenses do I need to use the runtime? Do I need a Qt license?

Qt is available as an open source or Qt commercial license. Aside from Qt and X-UX, there are no further licenses that require payment when using X-UX.

What is the minimum subscription?

The minimum subscription is 12 months.

Who is defined as a user?

A Developer is a an assigned user that will create software using the tools and libraries provided in the X-UX Developer product.

An Administrator is a user that will operate or administer software created using X-UX software.

Do I need to name the user for the license subscription?

We ask you to name the developer associated to the subscription. A subscription is required for each person irrespective of the number of hours worked by that person.

Updates and new versions of the product?

You are entitled to updates and new versions of the products included in your subscription category at no further charge.

What happens if I don’t renew my subscription?

You will not be entitled to any updates or versions of the products. Support will not be available.

Can I transfer my perpetual license to another person or entity?

Yes. Please register the change of ownership with Hungry Mile Software

Can I upgrade from Standard at a later time?

Upgrades are available for new subscriptions (not renewals) and only during the first 60 days from the purchase date. You can pay the difference between the cost of your current subscription and the higher subscription.

Installing the software on a machine for building and testing?

You can install X-UX on machine for building and testing as long as no developer uses that machine. If a developer uses the machine, a license for that developer must be required. new subscriptions (not renewals) and only during the first 60 days from the purchase date. You can do pay the difference between the cost of your current subscription and the cost of the higher subscription.

Do you use open source software?

The list of open source software is provided in files in the installation directory.