New Legal Technology

Online Business

Case Study


Start-up businesses can leapfrog their product development using X-UX for a complete technology stack solution.  An Australian estate planning business has used Hungry Mile Software for its online service technology development. The company provides B2B and B2C legal services for estate planning. The software as a service business is a full stack platform with horizontally scaled relational database technology, desktop, mobile, and web user applications.

The user experience was a vital aspect of the advanced design, which included tenancy, customization, API suite, and other business software-as-a-service functions.

Key items
  • Horizontally scaled relational database
  • Full tenancy user interface and backend
  • Focus more on UI and user experience and less on backend development
  • No constraints on the design and what could be achieved
  • White labelling made possible by X-UX UI and Style features
  • Access to vast range of significant Open-Source libraries
  • Rest API for customers and integrators to the business with no extra development
  • Near zero cost of ownership
  • Simple cloud deployment and no vendor lock in
  • Flexible licensing and technology dependencies

Financial Services

Product Rewrite

Case Study


Prospera, a financial modeling software company, has selected X-UX and Hungry Mile Software services for the rewrite of their financial modeling application. “We have been impressed with the outcome of X-UX. The new technology provides an incredible user experience and allows us to target consumers on mobile and cross-platform devices.”

Prospera has benefited from the considerable product development efficiencies using the Data Fabric features in X-UX. “This has allowed us to focus on the user interface and make working with hundreds of data elements much easier. We look forward to taking our new product suite from professional advisors to the general consumer market.”

Key items
  • Binding of UI to backend data schema
  • Over 200 data elements used simply across the app and database
  • Offline functionality at no extra cost or complexity
  • High performance Web Assembly application
  • Micro service architecture provision
  • Rapid prototyping and development possible by non-tech staff
  • Adaptive and responsive web apps; and native mobile and desktop apps with no extra development
  • Single code base across all user interface development
  • 10x reduced development cost on original
  • MVP completed in under 3 months development
  • Huge efficiencies in development from X-UX components, tools and runtimes