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Large Objects (LOB’s) – Efficient Data Storage with Powerful Application Integrations

Release 0.90 of X-UX is available. This article provides a summary of a key feature in this release

Modern online applications using interaction with users or consumers will inevitably need to store and access information such as documents, presentations, images, videos or emails. Increasingly many business processes need effective access, storage and management of these forms of unstructured data.

Our X-UX solution refers to this data as Large Objects (or LOBs). The LOB in X-UX is a compound property type used to define custom business data objects. LOBs are abstracted to utilize both character and binary data and can have very high size limits. The LOB can flexibly be applied to devices, types, or stores.

Cross platform support with drag & drop, clipboard integration and local file access

The LOB in XUX provides very simple integration with user interface controls like Image, Clipboard, Files and Mime Data. These controls include seamless cross-platform storage and access, allowing you to access, upload or download from any platform. Mime Type support is included for both clipboard integration and drag & drop. This means that copying and pasting large objects and handling large inputs or outputs has the same application support across mobile, web and desktop. Cross platform local file access is made possible by providing native device dialogs to save or open any large object across any platform.

Streaming and asynchronous access methods

Streaming is a key feature of working with varying sized objects. With a few lines of code you are can stream data from a drag and drop of a file or directory to a remote server store.

Large Objects can be integrated into X-UX Data Fabric to mix structured and unstructured data.   An integrated transaction accommodates the handling of the data and large object streaming.

Child Lobs for Directories and Archive Files

Large Objects can be nested to contain child LOBs.    This abstraction provides very powerful integrations for handling directories of files (of any size) and also for archive files (otherwise known as ZIP files).

LOBs support compression and there is effective parallel transfer of data across devices for multiple or compound LOBs.

Benefits Summary

The benefits of using the LOB data type with X-UX include:

  • User interface controls integration
  • Streaming and asynchronous access methods
  • Efficient memory usage
  • Streaming across device types
  • Cross platform access and storage
  • Caching for performance
  • Threading support
  • Redundancy supported with copies of the data
  • Compound object support (Archive or ZIP files)
  • Storage extension framework

LOBs are available in X-UX 0.90. As a registered user, refer to our X-UX reference documentation for more information and usage.