Build beautiful cross-platform applications that access powerful data services and intelligence.

Entire core technology stack is under your control.

Qt + Hungry Mile X-UX licensed technology provide the complete technology stack you need for full-service applications. Your technology investment is secured by the proven enduring Qt platform. Qt and Hungry Mile are in the software development business. Avoid the whims of ever-changing frameworks and big tech stack and hype lock-in.


How our X-UX system works

Best user experience is possible with ubiquitous native client applications including the browser. X-UX enhances the powerful Qt platform as the strategic application architecture for online businesses.


Ubiquitous access to data and services

Incredibly reachable access to data and intelligence from your own X-UX application service. Easily develop and integrate a horizontally scalable server cloud platform with the X-UX application services.


Use our tools, components, and runtimes to hugely reduce development time and cost. Ensure your investment is protected for the long term as technologies change.

  • X-UX Design featuring our Data Fabric technology
  • X-UX Develop including hot reload, super charging Qt and Java IDEs, extended UI controls, transactions, and cross database storage frameworks
  • X-UX Deploy for test, packaging and releasing your single source code base
  • X-UX Operate to administer and manage your operations environment


Case Study

New Legal Technology Online Business

Start-up businesses leapfrog their product development using X-UX for a complete technology stack solution.



Case Study

Financial Services Product Rewrite

Prospera, a financial software company, has selected X-UX and Hungry Mile Software services for the rewrite of their financial modeling application.


X-UX – Your own service, fully owned.

Provide powerful services to your apps with our X-UX services code. Easily access databases, artificial intelligence, data and analytics on the X-UX service runtime. Use the horizontally scalable NewSQL database provided in X-UX or access third party datastores using the X-UX queuing and transaction architecture. Developing the service is easy with the X-UX server SDK and runtimes.


Why Hungry Mile?

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See for yourself how a new generation of software development technology can power your online products

Specialists in business apps

Our focus and experience is on the enterprise and the technology that needs to underpin the apps to support this.


Our team has the experience to turn ideas into technology products. We can be flexible in how we can help and partner with you.

Tech skills

We are specialists in Qt, C++, Java, database, and open source technologies.

Leapfrog development

You don’t need to start from scratch – use common building blocks for rapid application development.

Deploy + maintain

Our technology reduces the full cost of ownership with consideration of maintenance, deployment and administration of your online services.


What are you looking for?

Our team are experts in Qt and have many years experience using the technology. Check out our Services and we are happy to help your consideration or successful adoption of the technology.


Our X-UX product includes tools, controls and extensions to the Qt runtime that make using the platform a breeze. Check out our X-UX Developer product for more information.


Native client mobile apps without doubt provide best possible user experience. Qt and X-UX provide highest performance and full access to mobile device features.

All of this is on a cross platform code base using QML. Get your next app completed for a fraction of the cost of current mobile development and get all mobile apps IOS, Android, Windows and web applications on the same code base.

Check out our X-UX Deploy product to integrate the deployment for testing (such as Apple TestFlight) and release to all of the app stores in a single action.

You may be using technologies such as React, Angular, Javascript for web development. Web development is constantly changing. Users expectations for high quality, responsive and fully featured user interfaces continues to increase.

At the next opportunity consider to easily supplement, complement or replace your existing investment with the next generation of web development using Web Assembly. All modern browsers support Web Assembly and this capability is part of the Qt platform. X-UX provides features for making Web Assembly apps fast, adaptive and easy to deploy. Apps are available on your web service from any browser and integrated into an existing web site as preferred.

Qt with X-UX means that you don’t need to treat web development differently from desktop or mobile apps. The native browser apps provide a consistently beautiful user experience on the web! Learn more on our X-UX Develop product.

Cross mobile platform frameworks such as React Native and Flutter significantly reduce the cost of cross mobile development by avoiding the need to duplicate the effort for the primary platforms: IOS, Android and Windows. There are differences in these frameworks such as web app, language, control versus native user interface and others.

Like these frameworks, Qt with X-UX provides a comprehensive alternate mobile development solution with the opportunity to not only achieve fully featured native apps, but to also make the applications suitable for desktop and web as well.

X-UX significantly reduces the volume of code required to provide data centric applications. Explore our Data Fabric technology that streamlines the development of user interfaces as well as offline, online, and nearline access to data and services.

Contact us to look at how our technology can revolutionize your mobile development.


Our Story

Our team has worked together over decades across organisations. We have niche skills and industry experience working in accounting, legal and professional services firms. We have been delighted to use high technology to solve information management problems not addressed by consumer and corporate vendors like Google, Microsoft and Box.

Passionate Engineers

The team is hungry to work hard and engineer solutions that make great technology reachable and clients successful.

Business Innovation

We have developed patents with tech companies like OpenText and NetDocuments and incubated technology at leading firms like Ashurst and King Wood Mallesons.

Technical Excellence

The team has over the years been awarded locally and internationally for applying technology and accoladed for inventing ‘eDiscovery’ and ‘Predictive Filing’.

Professional Expertise

We have niche skills and industry experience having worked as a team in accounting, legal and professional services firms over the last decades.