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Hungry Mile Software is thrilled to unveil X-UX 1.0, marking a monumental leap in our product journey. This release is not just the result of years of dedicated effort but is also a testament to our substantial multi-million dollar investment in cutting-edge technology.

X-UX 1.0 proudly presents a comprehensive low-code architecture, offering an all-encompassing services framework designed for seamless cross-platform, end-to-end product development. The distinction as “1.0” is not merely a number; it symbolizes our confidence in delivering a feature-rich product that holds the promise of evolving alongside the ever-changing technological landscape, ensuring developers are always at the forefront.

Key Features of X-UX 1.0

Data Fabric Capability: This pioneering feature offers a model framework tailored for user interfaces, transactions, and APIs. The master schema simplifies full-stack development, ensuring adaptability across various applications and storage solutions. Within this version, our unique provider architecture showcases the versatility of data application. From a REST provider that simplifies API interactions to a File store provider ensuring offline accessibility and optimal online data caching, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, providers can be tailored to interface with databases, networks, third-party storage solutions, and services.

Revolutionary Control Styling: X-UX 1.0 brings a fresh perspective to UI design with integrating elements into UI control design. The new Style element seamlessly integrates state into the UI control framework. Define the aesthetics flexibly based on states, ensuring that your UI remains dynamic and adaptive. Whether it’s white-labelling, user personalization, or staying updated with the latest design trends, our style features are primed to deliver unmatched user experiences.
Furthermore, X-UX 1.0 harnesses the robustness of Qt technology, making it a formidable force for business applications. With seamless integration capabilities against server-based Java codebases, X-UX 1.0 stands as a beacon of innovation and utility.

Discover the power and potential of X-UX for your next online service or product development venture. Contact us now and witness the future of product development with X-UX 1.0.