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Innovation with Services and Low Code Technology.

X-UX is a low-code solution that removes many barriers to taking on software development in businesses. Across industries, there are a large number of technical and business services provided as Software as a Service (SaaS). Today, a user interface is often all that is needed to bring together the suite of functions that can make a business unique or competitive.

Core technology like Qt is used to provide cross-platform technology. X-UX extends this technology to provide a microservice architecture for startups, scale-ups, or enterprises that want to better use or integrate existing products and applications.

X-UX for businesses and enterprises can be used across all types of solutions. X-UX has demonstrated successful implementation within the financial and legal technology sectors. Our latest article featured in Legal Practice Intelligence delves into why we believe the legal industry stands on the brink of a transformative era ripe for innovation. As the landscape of traditional practices evolves, law firms are now in a strategic position to leverage technology, introduce unprecedented online customer experiences, and reshape the industry’s future.

For an insightful read on this timely topic, explore our article: “Times Have Changed | Law Firms Can Choose to Innovate” on Legal Practice Intelligence. The age of innovation is upon us – it’s time to embrace the shift.